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United States
I am a quiet person, not very good at initiating conversation with people, but I am always more than willing to talk about just about anything. So please feel free to send me a message or leave me a comment.

I know that my art is not the best, but if you feel the need to follow please do so, Also I am always open for commissions, requests, and anything like that, as long as I am drawing and improving! Thank you for stopping by.

First steps - Coming out


I don’t use this site to talk to any of the cool people that I follow, and the even cooler people who happened to follow me back. I don’t post much.  Mostly reblogs of My Little Pony fan art or the occasional thing that catches my interest.  However, I want to start doing something a bit more serious with my blog. Something Personal. Let you all get to know me, and hopefully make some friends on here. Because I don’t have too many of those, to be honest.

I will come right out and say it. I am Trans, MtF. I came out to a friend sometime in the last couple of years and went through stages of shame, denial, curiosity, and finally acceptance. On Friday the 19th, I came out to my brother, and he was completely accepting of everything and it was great to have it off my chest. Then, the next day I told my parents who were not exactly thrilled finding out that the person they had thought of as their son is actually their daughter, but my Dad just said “It is what it is.” which means that on some level he accepts it.

While my brother had the response that I can only call complete acceptance, my sister was right up there as well. She seemed shocked for only a moment before asking “Why didn’t you come out sooner?” She, to a degree, understands what it is that I am going through, and has put me in contact with someone who is transitioning in my area as well. Which is so nice because now all these things like advice on what doctors to consider and which to avoid  are right there, and she(the friend) is willing to help in whatever way she can.

Finally tonight, I had the first of what is going to be many conversations with my mom about my transitioning. I explained to her what my plan was, how far I am planning on going right now. It was good. She asked questions, and was trying to engage me and bring me in and get to know the me that is completely new to her.

I am so happy that my coming out week has been so good, and not met with any of the negativity that I was expecting. Tomorrow, later today actually. I start calling therapists, to see about getting my letter of recommendation, so I can start HRT, and truly begin my journey. 

If you took the time to read this, I thank you. I truly do. Please, talk to me, I can always use friends, and want to share as much as I can. I will be getting some pictures up showing where I am right now, and keep updating as I get further and further in my journey of finally introducing my true self to the world.

Pronouns: She/Her.

I posted this on my Tumblr, but it also goes just as much for you all here as well. This is who I am. I am done hiding.


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